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Welcome to ShadowOps an Online Multiplayer War Game. The aim of this game is to build up your account and be the best kingdom in the game. ShadowOps has a many ways to be played, with a large range of options ranging from; who to join (you pick your system, so you can play with your friends/clan) to research tree; and most important, who to attack.
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Shadowops History Lesson

The year is 3454 the day on the earth system is Thursday. You are bringing your ship into the highly defended SOL system, home system of the humans, main planet, earth. There are a lot of battleships and cursers patrolling the system due to the HIGH alert status since the beginning of the galactic war.

The galactic war had now been going on for 4 earth years. Millions of lives had been lost from the alliance of humans and other organic races VS the alliance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) but the discovery of ancient artefacts on a previously uncharted system had possibly finally turned the war around. Scientists on a distant planet had found the remains of an ancient city with plans for special weapons. The information for these missiles had been sent to a battle-base not far from SOL and roomer had it that hundreds of thousands of these missiles had been constructed.

Great protests had begun to stop the use of these terrible missiles that could in fact destroy us all. But it was too late. You noticed on your scanners something zoom past your ship, just meters away, but it disappeared. It was only visible at extreme close range but instantly you knew it was a missile hidden by an invisibility device. You alerted earth command and immediately used the jump gates to exit the system just as you entered the event horizon u saw it happen. The sun went bright blue, and then a dark red all over and suddenly exploded engulfing the defensive battle fleet, the earth space ring and mother hearth herself it continued its way to the gates and you jumped out just in time to avoid the wave but was thrown out of the worm whole mid stream not far from earth. Minutes later you could see the explosion of the star where earth once was and then nothing. The system had been destroyed.

You headed to the battle base at maximum speed to notice hundreds of thousands if not even millions of missiles using in-built jump systems to hit their targets. The galaxy was about to end. Thousands of stars exploded in every system controlled by the AI and they somehow had the same missiles and the same thing happened to the systems occupied by bio life forms.

The next day space was dark. Few stars could be seen and then the beginning of the greatest battle began. The remains of both side's fleets met just outside an asteroid field where you had taken refuge. Hundreds of thousands of ships fought for 76 hours until none where left. This was it. The end of all.

All comm. Channels seem to be dead; everyone had gone to fight the last battles. All you had was your cargo. And your ship. You returned to where Sol once stood to find useful debris. Several other ships finally arrived and together u began construction of a small outpost. Knowing that there must be others out there. And knowing that somewhere, the primary AI would still be intact, you immediately began preparations to defend yourself. All that remained was Infinite Space and Shadows. No more stars to light the space, no more planets to colonize just the infinite Shadows of dark space.

Your task is simple; to build your kingdom, help defend your system and other kingdoms within it. And ensure victory over any who may oppose you.

By Warsome